Fabswingers Review (June 2020)

FabSwingers is one of the free dating websites targeted at swingers. Fab Swingers was designed to help swingers find one another. Unlike most accounts, which severely limit or completely prevent your ability to message other members while you have a free account, FabSwinger is almost fully functional on a free account.

The service is available in only six countries (the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the U.K.), and is designed to hook up couples for sexual encounters. The site is based in the U.K.

fab swingers

Fab swingers is an ugly-looking site, clearly with a very old design. Dedicated to the fab swinger lifestyle, the site allows the users to create profiles fast, on which members can list fetishes and sexual practices they’re comfortable with rather than their personality traits.

The “Meet Today” feature is the most important feature in that sense, allowing you to browse potential sexual encounters and create a Meet Today request if you want to get it on ASAP. You need to have been a member for at least 72 hours in order to use this feature, and it allows you to specify what kind of person/encounter you’re looking for. Users can also communicate by chat or message, and find other members by search.

Unfortunately, while the site is free, there aren’t a large number of swingers online at any given time and those who are tend to be almost entirely men. Likewise, finding dates using the Meet Today feature is not a guarantee, as there simply does not seem to be a high enough volume of potential dates out there.

Likewise, the fabswinger club reviews the section is fairly bit small and tends to focus more on Nevada and California. On the positive side, the message boards have numerous active discussion where you interact with other swingers

  • People logs in as a couple in FabSwingers.
  • Most of the members are friendly and polite.
  • The members quickly reply to message and are active in chat rooms.
  • In fab swingers there are no any fake profiles registered.
  • The site focuses on couples and singles who are actively looking for swing or swap their partners sexually.

FabSwingers Features

fab guys

Singles & Couples who are looking to use FabSwingers features will find that there are clubs available depending on their living location. Living in a populated area will help you with more swingers, but for Australians people, in particular, the pickings are a somewhat little bit slim.

There is a messaging facility available on Fab Swingers to all users. There is also the option for users to change which country they are currently in, so you can also go traveling with the site.

–    Meet Today feature will helps you to find instant dates.
–    You have option to search through events organised by type.

If you want to speak with other users, there is a chat room function available. This is also a mobile version available for your iPhone, iPad, tablet or smartphone, which is just as ugly as the desktop version. Another section will tell you what is going on when it comes to events and meet ups with other members, so make sure to keep an eye out here as well.

FabSwingers Experience


As a dating site, Fab Swingers is somewhat small and therefore it can be hit-and-miss depending on where you live. Although the site itself is a little bit difficult to navigate (it has something of an old-fashioned layout) and there are a few advertisements unless you opt to pay. SDC.com is one of the best sites among the dating sites for swingers.

FabSwingers Cost


Although Fab Swingers is free of cost and offers a lot of free features, there is the possibility of an upgrade to either gold or silver. The paid features will allow you to save the messages to an archive folder, the ability to block the advertisements and to view multiple webcams.

Free of Cost

  • Registration
  • Group chat
  • Messages
  • Live cams (watching or showing)
  • Uploading Albums
  • Sending photos
  • Posting/participating in forums
  • Looking at other members’ albums
  • Liking other people’s photos
  • Sending “winks”
  • Adding friends
  • Swingers Club Directory
  • Searching for other members
  • Updating your status
  • All filters in the search

Sign up process

  1. You need to pass the photo verification process first before you start to use FabSwingers.
  2. New members are mandatory to fill the personal information questions.
  3. For Creating a profile,it takes a few minutes, but the photo verification process will take up to 3 hrs.
  4. The registration process is very user-friendly.
  5. You need to upload only one photo during registration process, but you can upload an album once you get verified.

The registration includes a set of some questions about yourself such as email id, desired username and password, gender, and other basic information. The questions are easy to understand and simple. You need to pass the photo verification process before you use the entire site. 

You will require to upload photo showing your face and hand holding a piece of paper with the words “fabswingers.com” and your username written on it.The site will say that it will take up to an hour, but in some situations, the process will finish after 3 hrs.

Safety & Security

Real names are not used in profiles. In order to cut down on fraudulent or spam accounts, the Meet Today feature is only available to users who joined at least 72 hours ago. Photos and profiles are reviewed as well, and upon leaving the site users have the option to completely delete their info using the “Remove” page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to upload my photo?

For use of site ,a photo verification is required. This is to verify that the identity of the one who access to join the site.

Is FabSwinger safe?

FabSwingers verify’s the identity of each user through a photo verification process.

How long is FabSwinger photo verification?

The photo verification takes maximum 3 hours.

How much is FabSwinger?

All the features of FabSwingers is totally free of cost.

Is my identity safe in FabSwinger?

As per FabSwingers.com, it does not release any photos and personal information of members to any 3rd party organizations.

Can I delete my account in FabSwinger?

Yes,Just go to the Accounts tab & you will see the Delete account option,thats it.

How do I change my username?

If you are a site supporter then you can request for username change on the name change page.

Can I join again after I deleted my account?

Yes, you can but you will need to go through the registration process again.

I’ve got a question about the new chat room

We have got a separate FAQ page for new chat room

Do you have any tips for safe meeting?

Don’t forget that the only person responsible for your safety is you, so don’t put yourself in a situation where a stranger can let you down. These are some tips to help: ClickHere

How do I get verified by other members?

You will need to find someone who is already verified on fabswinger and ask them to verify you. If you are a couple then you will can get verified by webcam. An easy way to do this is while you both are in the chatroom, switch your webcams on and ask someone to verify you.

We get lots of messages from single men even though we’ve made it clear that we’re only looking for couples.

You can change who can message you from the message filters page where you can choose to block mails from single guys, people with no photos on their profile, those without verifications and other options.

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